About Us

Folding Our Futures is a predominately University of Melbourne student-led charity founded in 2017. Our vision is to inspire more people who go on inspiring others through their actions and dreams.

Folding our Futures at Macleod College.

Since I was young, I have always wanted to leave something behind on this world that will always remain for the future generations.

I wanted to start something, something permanent that reflected my wish for the future to be a better place. Something to leave behind, a gift for the world. When I met Jeffrey, who shared in the same visions as me, it became obvious that the best way to create change – is to inspire others who will go on to inspire more people. 

We believe that in nourishing the young people of today, we are cultivating the leaders, the innovators, the caretakers of tomorrow. 

With love in our hearts and Folding our Future in our hands, let’s give every child the future they deserve. 

-Elizabeth Hu, Co-founder

When I was 8, I was mucking around at school one day (typical) when I saw a young boy, my age, casting an isolated figure by the side of the playground. All I knew about him was that his name was Toby, he was an orphan, and he got a free meal a day from the teacher.

I didn’t know anything he’d been through. I didn’t know the extent of his struggles, until he stopped coming to school and I asked why. I was too stuck on my high horse to notice.

But over the years, I’ve realised how important it is for us to transcend and empower the disadvantaged. With Folding our Futures as my tool, I want to create a world that values love over fear and equality over disparity. I want to spend my life inspiring and empowering others. No matter what people say, we are all created equal. And we should embrace that.

-Jeffrey Xia, Co-founder