Our Impact

Young people are increasingly recognized as critical actors in matters of global importance. “I place great hope in their power to shape our future,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon famously told leaders and dignitaries at UN Headquarters in New York.

However, disenfranchised youth often lack the resources and motivation required to craft their own pathway and take control of their life. Secondly, community involvement opportunities are restricted at a young age and are often difficult to find.

To be able to thrive in the world of constant change we now live in, young people need opportunities to dream, lead, and initiate change in and out of school, applying it across all aspects of their lives.

what we do


We would like to give all secondary school students the opportunity to be involved with their local area through a series of workshops, offered free of charge to all Year 7 students in secondary schools within Victoria. Our program involves a two-part workshop.

First, an individual-focused workshop to improve personal well-being and for developing intrapersonal skills such as goal setting, whilst practicing reflection and mindfulness through our craft-oriented approach. 

In order to promote volunteerism and altruistic action from an early age, Phase 2 of our workshop will lead and follow a group and to oversee the development and delivery of a community project that will benefit the local community.   Offering leadership and personal development opportunities to students, we would like to help nurture and inspire the future changemakers of society. 

our aims

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